Semi-Transparent Stain or Natural Finishes

Finish processes have been custom formulated to take advantage of the unique characteristics of each wood species. The semi-transparent or natural finishes are designed to allow wood grain opacity to show through the applied stain rather than cover up the grain like paint would. This results in a rich finish showing the uniqueness of each piece of wood. Color matches and grain variations will vary and are considered part of the beauty and character of real wood.

Painted Finishes

Painted finishes are only available on a maple substrate. Maple is a smooth close-grained wood ideal for accepting a paint finish. Paint is designed to hide the grain of the wood. Hairline cracks at the joints of the doors and face frames are to be expected. Glazing is recommended for painted cabinets.

Conversion Varnish Finish

Conversion varnish finishes are among the best finishes in the cabinet industry and are considered the most resistant to stains, scratches and moisture. Many cabinet shops do not use conversion varnish because of the difficulty of application and the complexity of the equipment required. Conversion varnish will assure a quality product that is easy to maintain and will last for year to come.