BJ Tidwell Cabinetry

The legend who built one of the largest and most iconic cabinetry companies in the nation has returned to the industry he redefined.

BJ Tidwell’s early passion for woodworking set him on a path that culminated in his name becoming a staple of the cabinet industry. After getting his start at a small cabinetry business, Tidwell went on to successfully helm his own ventures. His respect for customers and business partners, combined with his dedication to excellence and a knack for business, quickly established Tidwell within the professional woodworking landscape.

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Classic Flat Panel

classic_fp_Cherry_natural Classic_FP_Maple_Natural classic_fp_Oak_natural

Classic II Flat Panel

classic_ii_fp_Paint_white  Classic_II_FP_Maple_Natural classic_ii_fp_Cherry_natural

Classic II Raised Panel

Classic_II_RP_Maple_Natural classic_ii_rp_Oak_natural classic_ii_rp_Paint_white

Classic Raised Panel

classic_rp_Cherry_natural Classic_RP_Maple_Natural  classic_rp_Paint_white

Devonshire Flat Panel

devonshire_fp_Cherry_natural Devonshire_FP_Maple_Natural devonshire_fp_Oak_natural


shaker_Cherry_natural Shaker_Maple_Natural  shaker_Paint_white

Shaker II

shaker_ii_Cherry_natural  shaker_ii_Oak_natural shaker_ii_Paint_white

Sussex Flat Panel

sussex_fp_Beech_natural sussex_fp_Cherry_natural Sussex_FP_Maple_Natural

Sussex II Flat Panel

sussex_ii_fp_Cherry_natural sussex_ii_fp_Oak_natural sussex_ii_fp_Paint_white

Sussex II Raised Panel

sussex_ii_rp_Cherry_natural Sussex_II_RP_Maple_Natural  sussex_ii_rp_Paint_white

Sussex Raised Panel

sussex_rp_Cherry_natural Sussex_RP_Maple_Natural sussex_rp_Oak_natural


urban_Maple_natural Urban_Paint_White

Urban II

urban_ii_Maple_natural Urban_II_Paint_White